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Try out Google alerts!

I love to shop.  But there are not enough hours in the day for me to keep up certain tech trends….until I found Google Alerts.  I have to admit, I have started looking forward to my next “Alert”! 

All you really have to do is “Google” alerts and follow the instructions. I think you may have to set up a google account which is free, but you can have the alert sent to any email address.; Once set up, you just need to type in what you want to be alerted to with regard to a certain area and how often you want to be alerted and voila!  You have a Google bot of your very own.  I  have found some very interesting tutorials this way. Let me know what you are shopping for and if you have found any “keepers”.

Google Alerts is a keeper for me  Click here to find out more about how Google alerts work.

Publish online with Pizazz!

Save a Tree – Publish Electronically!

If you have newsletters, reports, books, catalogs and are trying to find a way to display them in a format that has a bit more pizzazz than a .pdf, you really have to see this one. i tried it for a sustainability committee I am on….trying to go green with our materials….and it is a keeper….It is free to setup your bookshelf You can also use it to viral market and set up search terms, etc…. I used it on my about page to link to my portfolio samples. So expand your audience and reach….publish online. Check out more here.

Try a new Notepad….

This is a cool little application that someone sent me the link for so I am sharing it with you. It is regular Notepad on steriods and a must for any web developer who has to look a code from different sources. It supports several languages and has a great wysiwyg editor….Oh and did I mention….it is free? Definitely worth a look see….I know I won’t go back!

Click here to find out more.

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